I paid eighty bucks for a diagnostic because my check engine light was on, and while some other local mechanics said it’d be $50-80 just to pull codes, Jay’s did a complete diagnostic on my car, tightened a belt, fixed my reverse light, and discovered some serious upcoming maintenance issues (120k miles) that were the culprit of my noticeable drop in MPG and acceleration, all covered by the diagnostic cost. I’ve gone to several mechanics lately, including a Jiffy Lube (never again…) and none of …

Who we are:

We are a family-owned neighborhood auto repair and service center. We treat your car like a member of the family. Not only will we give you and your car flawless service, but we are an authorized Maryland State Inspection station.

You depend on your car, so don't let just any mechanic repair or service it. Let the professionals at Jay's Auto Service diagnose and repair your automobile.


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