After taking my car to a shop that wanted to charge me $300 to diagnose my car’s codes, I took it to Jay’s. Keep in mind, we just moved here from out of state, so we were very cautious in finding a reputable place. Jay’s charged $85, which was the cost of 1 hr of labor, and was able to tell us exactly what the problems were and what could be problems in the future. … In addition, due to the age of the vehicle and the mileage, he actually recommended against fixing it and instead buying a new car…
Jays is without question an exceptional shop. These guys always show the utmost respect to everyone….if you think you’ve been screwed go to Goodyear and see how they treat you.I’ve delivered parts to all of these shops for three years and I’ve never heard a bad thing about Jays. —Anonymous Google User
I was very pleased with my experience at Jay’s Auto Service. They are very friendly, family owned. Their staff is very knowledgeable, service is excellant, all work is warrantied and their prices are great! I was happy to find out that they do all types of auto mechanical work. When I had a problem with my car, the mechanic showed me the part and exlained why the repair was necessary. They gave a a loaner car while my car was there. No one else in the town offers that. I have finally found my ne…
I paid eighty bucks for a diagnostic because my check engine light was on, and while some other local mechanics said it’d be $50-80 just to pull codes, Jay’s did a complete diagnostic on my car, tightened a belt, fixed my reverse light, and discovered some serious upcoming maintenance issues (120k miles) that were the culprit of my noticeable drop in MPG and acceleration, all covered by the diagnostic cost. I’ve gone to several mechanics lately, including a Jiffy Lube (never again…) and none of …
I have been to Jay’s several times and on each visit the staff have been professional and friendly. I love the fact that I wasn’t kept waiting forever to get my car serviced. The staff were knowledgeable and friendly to talk to. This shop offers fair pricing. I would recommend this shop to my friends and family for work on their cars. —Anonymous Google User
I can’t say that it’s ever a pleasant experience to have car trouble. But Jay really does make it as enjoyable as possible. He remembers his customers by name and he shows respect to his customers (men and women both!… unlike some mechanics). Prices are definitely the best around for what you get. He doesn’t try to upsell unnecessary services and his estimates are accurate… not a lowball offer to get the car in the garage. When it comes to mechanics– integrity goes a long way. He earned my repea…
Received good customer service.  Fair prices. They don’t mark up the prices for parts a lot.  I recommend this place for their professionalism, being accomodating, and honest (a rare quality). —Antoine F.
I would go far out of my way to have Jay’s work on my car. After dealing with so many unskilled and/or shady mechanics, I’m extremely happy to have finally found someone who understands the long-term value of loyal customers. These guys are careful, honest, insightful, and affordable. —Anonymous Google User
They were really quick and honest about what needed repairing in my car. Very pleasant to deal with and really accommodating with my schedule. Pricier than what I would have liked, but really, what car repair isn’t? —Anonymous Google User
Each and every time I go to Jay’s, I am given exceptional customer service and my car gets excellent servicing as well. The staff are always courteous, knowledgeable, and (most importantly to me) very trustworthy. I have been a customer for years, needing anything from oil changes to engine work and I am consistently offered a very fair price and flexible scheduling. I’d recommend this place to anyone! —Anonymous Google User
I really appreciate Jay’s. A family-owned business that really takes the time to care about their customers. Went there last week for a pretty expensive job, but Mel took the time to explain exactly what was wrong, and worked with me. He even drew out a diagram since there was something I didn’t quite understand. The most impressive part was, once he told me he’d need my car for a few hours and that he didn’t have any loaner cars, he offered for his dad to take me to work… —Hay W.
I had a minor problem with my Acura. I called Jays and they told me to bring it in. They ran a quick diagnostic and isolated the problem. Because it was a simple fix I could do myself Jays didn’t even charge me for the diagnostic. I would place my trust in Jays any day for any service to my car. Thanks Jays for being an Honest and Professional Service Center!! —Anonymous Google User
It is rare to find a mechanic is truly honest, even to his own detriment. I come here often to get my Ford Taurus serviced by them. It was given to me by a friend, so I’m just running it until it falls apart. They understand what I’m doing, and so they only recommend repairs that it really needs. —Benjamin Jancewicz  

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We are a family-owned neighborhood auto repair and service center. We treat your car like a member of the family. Not only will we give you and your car flawless service, but we are an authorized Maryland State Inspection station.

You depend on your car, so don't let just any mechanic repair or service it. Let the professionals at Jay's Auto Service diagnose and repair your automobile.


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