I really appreciate Jay’s. A family-owned business that really takes the time to care about their customers. Went there last week for a pretty expensive job, but Mel took the time to explain exactly what was wrong, and worked with me. He even drew out a diagram since there was something I didn’t quite understand. The most impressive part was, once he told me he’d need my car for a few hours and that he didn’t have any loaner cars, he offered for his dad to take me to work… —Hay W.

Who we are:

We are a family-owned neighborhood auto repair and service center. We treat your car like a member of the family. Not only will we give you and your car flawless service, but we are an authorized Maryland State Inspection station.

You depend on your car, so don't let just any mechanic repair or service it. Let the professionals at Jay's Auto Service diagnose and repair your automobile.


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